Your Inner Critic

Do you know your inner critic?

Your Inner Critic

We all have a conscience, most of us know how to listen to it. Hopefully, you take notice of it. Its purpose is to keep you safe. To help you avoid doing the wrong thing.

Most of us have a good relationship with our conscience.

You have an Inner Critic too. Your relationship with this inner critic (or critics) might not be so healthy. It could be undermining you, quietly and unnoticed.

Just as your conscience helps you decide right from wrong, Your Inner Critic gets to decide whether you’ve done good or bad, approved or disapproved, failed or passed.

This second judge may once have been a parent, a partner, or your peers, or a combination of many people in your life, (past and present) and experiences you’ve had. In truth though, this judge has now become your own and now lives in your head, constantly passing judgment on your thoughts and actions. Dishing out verdicts on your performance. Telling you if you passed or failed. Deciding if you are acceptable to others or not.

How would you describe Your Inner Critic?

Is it a kind caring and compassionate judge or a harsh unforgiving judge?

Christianity teaches that your every thought and every deed will be judged by just 1 judge. That judge is described vividly in the New Testament as the epitome of love. A kind, compassionate and endlessly forgiving judge.

Is Your Inner Critic endlessly forgiving of you? Would you say it is kind and compassionate to you? Does it support and encourage you? Does it encourage you to be daring and adventurous? Leave you free to take risks?

Or does it demand that you play safe, avoid risk, shoot for small goals in case you miss, play a small game, make yourself a small target etc.?

Do you live, constrained by the threat of your inner critic’s disapproval?

If your inner judge was your boss at work, would you admire them and sing their praises, or would you quit your job?

If you’d like a better relationship with your inner critic you can have that. Get in touch to find out how.

Cheers now

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