Why networking is good for your health

Why Networking is good for your Health

Being in business can be a bit lonely sometimes. Networking is good for your Health.

It’s not good for business to show any sign you’re struggling. It’s not helpful for clients or staff to pick up on your negative emotion.

Your customers don’t want to know and your employee friends could have no idea what you’re worried about.

The tendency is to keep it all bottled up. Networking is good for your health

While I believe in being transparent on Social media, I don’t believe it’s good for business to take your problems online either.

It’s a well-known fact that “a trouble shared is a trouble halved” as my grandma used to say, but not when it’s your business on Social Media.

Unless someone else has a business mindset it’s hard for them to understand the thoughts, stresses, and strains that you deal with as a business owner.

They might suggest something like, “Just a take a few days off and have a break” not understanding that you have constant demands from clients.

‘Having a few ‘Personal Days’ is not a legitimate reason for not delivering their goods on time.

The only people that will really know what you deal with as a business owner are other business owners.

If I’ve just lost a loved one and I’m looking for emotional support I might talk to my friends, but if they haven’t been through that same experience of losing a loved one, they can be encouraging, saying nice things and be supportive, but it doesn’t carry the same weight.

When the other person has been through the same experience and they can truly say I understand, I know how you feel, their words seem so much more comforting and so much more powerful.

If someone hasn’t been in your situation, it’s too easy to disqualify and dismiss what they say.

Like Minded People

In a Business Networking Group there’s a good chance that any situation that you’re struggling with, other people will have dealt with before and they can share their advice insight and encouragement from experience.

I have often met with another business owner just to catch up for a coffee and talk about our business and networking and the conversation has gone way off topic.

We have ended up talking about really personal issues. Sometimes sharing with me things they haven’t even shared with their partner.

Because we’re not in a friend relationship there’s not the emotional baggage and the attachment that comes with that. We’re just two people traveling the same journey dealing with the same stuff and helping each other along the way.

Don’t just use your business network as a shoulder to cry on. They have their worries too. But it is another reason why networking makes good sense in todays ‘connected’ but disconnected world.

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