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Hi, Paul Webster here for Confidence At Work where we talk about Confidence in Marketing, Marriage and Money.

Firstly let’s ask does confidence matter to you? True self-confidence is liberating, it frees us from the mind games people tend to play in attempts to control each other or to keep themselves safe from criticism or blame.

True self-confidence allows you to let down your guard and be closer to the people we choose.

In a business sense, true self-confidence allows us to communicate more clearly, give more value and charge more for our time.

True self-confidence is attractive to other people, they want to associate with you and hope some of it will rub off on them.

Lacking confidence though is not something we readily admit to, it can be seen as something of a weakness, today there is a lot of pressure put on women to be more confident and men have always had the expectation that they should naturally be confident. So if we aren’t feeling confident, we use different strategies to try and compensate or hide it.

So yes, it’s easy to be lacking in self-confidence while convincing our self the problem is something or someone else.

When you do realize something’s going on, can you do anything about it? Yes, certainly. Confidence can be learned.

Confidence is not a personality trait, confidence is a skill. Even the person most lacking in confidence will have things they do with extreme confidence.

When you first were learning to drive you probably felt overwhelmed with all the things you had to do at once.

You may have had physical reactions like sweating hands and racing heartbeat.

Now you can do all that plus, drink coffee and listen to a podcast at the same time without a second thought. The difference is you are now confident in your ability to drive.

It’s really important to understand that confidence is about being free from the influence of other people’s agendas.

If you are often scanning the back of your mind and wondering what will other people think if I do this or that, or what will my partner think etc. Then you have to ask, Why am I not confident in my own decisions? What if you only had to check in with yourself? What would that feel like?

Would that take some of the stress of you?

Would you feel lighter and happier knowing you only had to have your own approval for anything you did?

Maybe you would?

Sometimes we can be our own worst critic though.

If that’s the case, where did that come from and how can you change that?

More great questions we’ll look at in future podcasts.

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