#4 They don’t realise they have useful knowledge to share

Some people don’t realise the value they have stored up in their head. Sometimes it has taken years to learn, filter and sort all that knowledge. It becomes second nature to them and it seems like, obvious to them. In which case it might seem obvious to everyone else. Not true. I have experienced many times when someone has shared something that seemed simple and obvious, but it was news to me. Have you ever had that experience? Is it possible you know things your customers would benefit from knowing? I bet you do.

Does it really cost you to share some of that knowledge with them? It’s like a smile, it costs nothing to give but is always appreciated.

Share your knowledge, be helpful and people will return the favour by buying what you’re selling when they need it. It’s called the law of reciprocity. If someone gives us something we feel obliged to, at some point return the favour.

They don’t know how to do it.

This is understandable. There is a massive amount to learn and the learning curve can be steep.

Given the steep learning curve and the lack of confidence starting out, is it any wonder people get put off before they start?

I can offer some help here too though.


Here are the five keys to Mastering Social Media Marketing.

  1. Start!

Yep, stop thinking about it, figure out who you are trying to talk to? What are they interested in? What and how you can share with them on a sustainable basis and then START. If you need some help to get started, get some. Don’t show your business in a bad light but don’t wait till your perfect either. It’s easy to get “paralyzed by perfection”. Do Social media to the best of your ability and your ability will get better. Wait until it’s perfect to get started and you never will.

Don’t get caught up making comparisons and looking at what other people are doing. There is a place for everyone on the internet.


  1. Don’t try and do everything at once. Pick one thing and get good at that before you try anything else. Choose a style that suits you. If you’re good at writing, try blogging perhaps. If you’ve got a great face for radio, try podcasting. If you’re happy in front of a camera, try video. If you love

photography, try Instagram. Use a channel that suits your style. Yes, it helps if your customers are there too, but it is important that you are comfortable in the medium you choose, or you won’t sustain the effort for long. Choose the right medium for you and make it your home. Own that space for your business on that channel. Get good by repetition. People need to see you again and again before you get noticed. By the time they’ve noticed you, you’ll be getting good.

  1. Don’t just sell stuff. Yes, you can mention a product or a service now and then, but your customers don’t need to be sold. They are very able to buy from you or your competitors any time they like. If you push them, you push them away. It’s that simple.

Social Media is just that. A place to be social, entertain, have fun and share knowledge. Trying to sell your stuff on social media is a bit like taking your products to your neighbours Bar-B-Q. Spend your time getting to know people and asking questions.

It does depend on the type of business you’re in as to how far you can go with selling but in general, 80/20 is a good rule. 80% of the time you are just social, 20% you can talk shop. No more.

  1. Get help. You can spend years trying to learn stuff you really don’t need to know. Focus on what you do well and let others do what they do well. I recently spent half a day trying to re-install Windows on my PC and then get the network and printer to all talk to each other again. An IT person would have done the job in a fraction of the time. I would have gained back half a day and saved myself the stress. Only learn what you need to know to get your part of the job done.
  1. Commit to working at it long term. There is no overnight success. All the people on the internet telling you how they made x much money while they slept, don’t tell you about the months of long days and nights it took for them to reach that point. It will take time to build your skills and for people to see you have those skills.

Your Social Media Marketing must be SUSTAINABLE Long term. The time and any money you put into it, needs to be affordable. You will get better and faster as you go and your ROI will improve but whatever you do don’t make

Social a last-ditch effort to make sales. I’ve seen it happen and it doesn’t work.

Please don’t let that put you off though. The alternative is slowly disappearing from the market and leaving it to those that do learn.

  1. Bonus Tip; See tip #1

I truly hope this will inspire you to get started with your social media campaign. If You’d like to share your social media story or you have any questions or would like a hand, shoot me an email paul@paulwebster.com.au or check out the website confidenceat.work

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