I wrote the Skeptics Guide To Social Media to let people know there are some easy ways to overcome that inner resistance and help get you on the path.

Here are the top 5 reasons people give me for not wanting to do Social and importantly FIVE keys to mastering it while you can.

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#1 I don’t have time for it

If your business REALLY is too busy to spend time on marketing and you can’t afford to pay someone to do it for you, then you really should look at putting up your prices.

If you charge more, you can make the same money in less time and then spend that time finding more of the good quality customers who value you. Of course, if you are just TOO busy because you’re not organised and efficient, that won’t work.

Businesses that still rely on traditional advertising are finding they increasingly have time to spare and money is short.

#2 I’m not good at being social 

A lack of self-confidence is the cause of much procrastination and paralysis when it comes to being social. We all want to be liked and fit in socially. However;

Once you realize and know that people are interested in what you have to say.

Once you know you have a specialist knowledge that will benefit those people…

And once you know how to share your knowledge in an interesting or entertaining way, the confidence just comes.

If a stranger stops you on the pavement and asks directions to a place and you know exactly what they’re looking for and how to get there, you wouldn’t lack the confidence to tell them? No. You’d happily just rattle of the directions and probably feel good that you were able to help.

Social media done right is no different. The key is making sure you’re talking to the right people about things they are interested in. You’re aren’t pushing yourself on them and risking rejection.

#3 They don’t think people are interested 

In this case, I have to ask, how interested are you in them? If you get to know your customer you will get to know what they’re interested in.

If you show a genuine interest in them, they will tell you what they are interested in. If it feels like you’re banging on about something and no-one is interested, then maybe they’re not. Talk about something else. Ask more questions, find out what they ARE interested in, then talk about that.

A basic failure of many sales pitches is going in for the sale before they have established a need for the product or service.

Do you do that? Do you try and sell your business who haven’t even shown an interest? I hope not.

Always start the process by establishing the need. Once you have that you can offer the solution and any steps they need to take. The outcome then is obvious, it’s just a logical progression from problem to solution, not a question of persuasion, opinion or cajoling.

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