Personal Development Program

Who is this program for?

Someone who wants to understand them self and have the focus and confidence to back their words and actions.

Someone who doesn't want to waste their time money and life, circling around, repeating the same patterns, living small and failing to fulfill their potential.

Why do I need it?

No one needs a coach in order to be able to simply play a sport. Anyone serious about being great at sport will have at least one person around them teaching, supporting and encouraging them. Life is the same. Don't play with your life. Take it seriously and get a coach.

Every problem contains the seed of its own solution. Learn to find that seed quickly so you can grow faster, be more effective and enjoy more choices in life. If you will learn faster and create your version of success in your life, you can then use your time making a significant contribution to the lives of others.

What will I learn?

Learn how your worldview was formed and how you can change it at will. Your worldview determines what you perceive and how others see you.

Understand your individual core beliefs and values that subconsciously impact every significant decision you've ever made.

Understand the gap between what you want and what you have and see what you need, to start closing the gap.

See the power of a plan, action steps and confidence to lead you forward and start attracting what you want.

Break the power of any limiting beliefs you may have, so you are free to reach your maximum potential.

6 Modules of Personal Development

The 6 Modules of Personal Development

  • Core Values/Foundation beliefs
  • Personality Profile
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Breaking out - Re-framing
  • Setting a vision
  • Writing your new story

How is the program delivered?

This program is delivered in person. If practical we have face to face meetings. If it is not practical to meet in person then we use Skype or Zoom and hold online meetings. (Some people prefer meeting online given the convenience and comfort of being in their own environment, others prefer the face to face).
Each session has a structure but there is room for flexibility and the conversation can go where it needs to.

We are all different and yet much the same.

As complex as the human mind is, there are some principles that are common to us all. These principles are rarely talked about or explained to us. Many people chose to live, absorbed in reality TV to numb the pain of their own reality rather than learn how to change their reality.

I know the pain and frustration of not reaching my own potential. That is why I am so passionate about teaching these principals. Helping people really understand and apply them to their lives. I love to see the  joy and relief when a new chunk of understanding drops into place and a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

To implement new ideas and beliefs need not take years. Change can happen literally in a heartbeat. Once you shift a limiting belief or take on a new one, it is yours for life. Like riding a bike, you cannot forget it.

If I sound excited, it is because I am. The prospect of helping you hit a new level of personal development and all the possibilities that involves is exciting. I hope you will come and share some of that excitement with me.

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PS. I am not a Guru. I am no supercharged salesman, I am not a self-starter or naturally gifted. I have dedicated years of self-study in Personal Development and slowly, very slowly, ground down all the things that stood in my way. I dragged myself from the introvert, who would hide behind my camera, to someone who was at least prepared to step in front of one. Frankly, the only thing that kept me persevering at times was, I really didn't know what else to do. It has taken me years to get to the place where I am now. I don't want you to spend years doing the same.