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Know your Avatar or Ideal Client

Being really clear about who your ideal client is means you can focus on giving them what they need, brand your business to connect with them, talk the same language as them, advertise where they are and make decisions about your business more consistently and easily which means less stress for you.

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Skeptics Guide To Social Media

I wrote the Skeptics Guide To Social Media to let people know there are some easy ways to overcome that inner resistance and help get you on the path. Here are the top 5 reasons people give me for not wanting to do Social and importantly FIVE keys to mastering it while you can. #1 […]

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How to explain what you do

Do you know how to explain what you do and have the other person really understand it? The nice thing about traditional job roles and professions was everyone knew what they were. There is a classic question that is the opening line for many a conversation and it goes, ‘So what do you do?’ Blokes […]

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