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Confidence At Work is a powerful synergy of personal development, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit led by Paul.

It is a place to learn, grow and do. We believe in paying it forward. Learning is pointless if it doesn’t equip us in some way to be of greater service to others.

Over the years Paul came to realise that the single most valuable quality he could acquire, and that he could help others acquire, was a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Not a BS kind of false confidence or bravado, but a genuine kind that comes from really understanding yourself and being at peace with your world.

“If there is one thing that separates the successful, from the try-hards it is genuine self-confidence”.

Paul was definitely not naturally self-confident. Far from it. He vividly remembers the sweating palms and feelings of nausea he experienced when he first opened for business. Since then, any time he came up against an obstacle in business, it was doubt, indecision, procrastination or just good old-fashioned fear, that stopped him in his tracks.

He is happy to talk about his lack of confidence too. He says once you learn to recognize the signs, you’ll see it everywhere. Lack of confidence is in company boardrooms, the corner offices, the cubicles, and your local small businesses. People are creative, they find a thousand ways to try and mask it. Hiding your lack of confidence doesn’t mean it isn’t there though.


The beautiful thing is this. To be self-confident is your natural state. We all start out with confidence. As a baby, we knew no fear. As we grow up we learn to hide our confidence and replace it with doubt and fear. We learn to live with less confidence than we’d like. Sometimes just for a short while, sometimes for a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

Nobody has to get self-confidence, they just need to take away whatever is masking it.

Small business is demanding on the owner. There is no place to hide in business. Social Media adds to that demand.

Working with small business owners, helping them to realize their greatness is the most rewarding and valuable thing we know.

If you’d like to know yourself better and feel more at ease with your world, we’d love to talk with you.

 Paul Webster Confidence at work

Paul Webster – Confidence At Work